This website, which has a birth date of 20th September 2008, is brought to you by individuals who are enthusiastic about food, love the food culture in Singapore and also want to share their food journeys/experiences with others who are just as passionate. There are lots of good foods in Singapore, so one could not say that they have tried one too much food or there is nothing new to try! Everyday is another tantalising experience for the taste buds and resisting the charms of food is a challenge.

This group of people aim and (also) delight in bringing to you the best in food reviews/experiences at a one-stop place. Being accessible for almost every hungry soul out there is the mission of this blog. So, do make foodblog.sg your frequent hangout to source for new and appetising good food in the small, little and sunny country island of Singapore.

If you have the urge to want to share your opinions with others on yummy food, please register in order to post. Otherwise, comments on various posts already available are widely encouraged. Lastly, enjoy your time here (while you’re not that hungry yet!) and browse through the drooling and mouth-watering entries (not entrees).

Bon Appetit.

Please Excuse Us While We Tempt You!

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