Greetings everyone,

Recently, I went to City Square (Buffet Ala-Carte)

The best thing abt going on weekdays, its less crowded and cheaper..
I went there to celebrate my fiance dad’s BIG 60!
So the whole family is there, totally of 6 pax.

The best thing abt Buffet Ala-carte, we dun need to leave our seat!!
all we need to do is to select the food that we one from  the screen, and they will serve to you within  3 mins (which also depending on the crowd)

And its SMOKE FREE!! 

So imagine, 6 adults having free flow food.. U can also imagine how many rounds the waiters have to make just to send us food and drinks.. hehehehe 🙂

The Desserts are VERY limited! NO ICE-KACANG! 🙁
they only have ice-creams and  brownies (Yummy).

Now Soeul Garden having promotion 3 adults + 1 adults FREE!

Here are some pictures taken there:
(Only for viewing purpose)

 Select ur food and will be serve within 3 min 🙂

Let The Boys Do The Cooking.

cake was from The Royal's, Just Nice for all of us. (everyone is full, no space for cake actually)

Bruupppp!! :)

Dine In:
City Square Mall (Buffet  Ala-Carte) 
180 Kitchener Road, #03-23/24
Singapore 208539
Tel: 62976339  Fax: 62975338
Capacity – 100


Love FOOD.

Hei Sushi (DownTown East)

It was my first time dining at Hei Sushi yesterday. Hei Sushi is under apexpal, which is a sister company of Sakae Sushi (not halal). Well now Muslims can enjoy Halal Sushi there, beside Ramen Ten.

Place has nice ambience & staff are friendly.

Prices are affordabe, $2.18++ for coloured plates, $6.88++ for red plate.

My favourite is the picture below, bit of spicy taste with the soft shell crab in the filling. The spicy tuna and salmon with avacado is also delicious. 🙂


I had the fried softshell crab, very delicious 🙂 ($7.88++)

Also to finish off your meal, do not forget the mochi ice cream, the yam flavour is superb. 🙂

Siti Ismail

Nasrin (Arab Street)

Went to nasrin again yesterday to chill after work… had shisha & Chargrilled Beef with Fries ($23++)

One THING to note if you want to eat there is that waiting time is very long : 30mins, becoz the food is served fresh.

Shisha : Mixed Fruits flavour = GOOD. but Watermelon flavour  is still the BEST.

–> mohammad (with the specs) , he is a good shisha maker

Siti Ismail

NASRIN (Arab Street)

Wednesday 3rd June,

Went down to Arab Street with friends for shisha and food..

ShiSha was perfect there, very smooth.. of course it was done by the waiter which is a friend of mine (Mohammad), he´s a very good shisha maker.. haha..

FOOD — Chicken Shawarma very bad!!! It was cold and the taste was yucks… 🙁

Me and girlfriend, yati, didn´t finish it at all..we only ate the fries…

As we were still hungy we ordered something else, Chicken Chargrilled —  this is VERY yummylicious– 🙂

Chicken was grilled , hot & tasty, The fries are powdered with chilli powder and pepper with chilli and mayonaisse as condiments at the side. Only thing, was we think it´s a bit expensive as only 3pcs of chicken wings. and cost $11… 🙁


Chocolate Shake — was ok… taste bit of milo.. ??

Laziza Peach — sparkling water peach flavour — esprit is better

Siti Ismail

YUMEN (Downtown East)

Monday 1st June

It was the first time we went to Yumen at downtown east for dinner. It was definitely a very nice experience and super customer service. We order Crispy Chicken Carrot Noodle, Seafood Ban Mian, Bi-Colour Dumpling, Bacon Rolls, Aloe Vera & Roselle drink.

GOOD Customer Service — The uncle was very kind and friendly. While we were eating, the uncle heard my boyfriend coughing, he then went in the kitchen and made a cup of hot water with lemon and salt in it.  He says that it is good for his cough and will soothes the throat for a while.. so sweet of him right… 🙂


Crispy Chicken Carrot Noodle — it is made of carrot juice with flour. noodle itself was ok, but the crispy chicken on it was good very crispy & was served hot 🙂

Seafood Ban Mian — this is very yummy 🙂 , especially when you want something soupy, better than Century Square food culture Ban Mian. The noodle was thick & soup taste good with fresh prawns, squid & egg in it.

Bi-Colour Dumpling — This is also very yummy, i think it was made of fish, very crispy too. 🙂

Bacon Rolls : Not to my taste.. 🙁

Aloe Vera Drink : Big Bites of Aloe Vera..

Roselle Drink : Very Nice 🙂

Siti Ismail

BBQ Chicken (Korean’s Chicken Restaurant) – Downtown East

Saturday 30th May 2009, 6pm

Went to BBQ Chicken (Downtown East) with Boyfriend, order the couples´s combo, total price : $32.95 with 7% GST & 10% Service Charge.  [ Reasonable pricing 🙂 ]

I had the Korean Charbroiled — Definitely a must try at BBQ Chicken 🙂

Korean Charbroiled — Using only the most tender leg meat, it is marinated in a natural sauce made of 30 secret ingredients then roasted first with hardwood charcoal, then followed by earthenware.

Boyfriend had Jerk BBQ — was ok 🙁 as the meat wasn’t´t warm when served

Jerk BBQ — Chicken whole leg cooked over charcoal fire with no additional oil used then spread with authentic Korean style barbecue sauce made of more than 20 flavourful natural seasoning and red pepper grain giving it a little tinge of spiciness.

Both meals comes with soft drinks, coleslaw, fries & a bowl of Golden Strip Salad.

Golden Strip Salad — Crisp garden greens tossed in home-made tomato dressing, green peppers and topped with golden chicken strips. — Yummy 🙂

Parking on weekends– Very Bad, especially now which is the school holiday period 🙁

Siti Ismail