Hei Sushi (DownTown East)

It was my first time dining at Hei Sushi yesterday. Hei Sushi is under apexpal, which is a sister company of Sakae Sushi (not halal). Well now Muslims can enjoy Halal Sushi there, beside Ramen Ten.

Place has nice ambience & staff are friendly.

Prices are affordabe, $2.18++ for coloured plates, $6.88++ for red plate.

My favourite is the picture below, bit of spicy taste with the soft shell crab in the filling. The spicy tuna and salmon with avacado is also delicious. 🙂


I had the fried softshell crab, very delicious 🙂 ($7.88++)

Also to finish off your meal, do not forget the mochi ice cream, the yam flavour is superb. 🙂

Siti Ismail

Pasta de Waraku

Pasta de Waraku recently opened at Changi Airport Terminal 2. A total Japanese dining experience with plastic display examples of their many dishes, friendly and well trained staff, their company policy on the wall etc.

The menu is very exclusive with pasta’s you have never seen before. We had a thin crust pizza and the crust was the thinnest I had ever seen. All together with two Asahi we paid $22.