BBQ Chicken (Korean’s Chicken Restaurant) – Downtown East

Saturday 30th May 2009, 6pm

Went to BBQ Chicken (Downtown East) with Boyfriend, order the couples´s combo, total price : $32.95 with 7% GST & 10% Service Charge.  [ Reasonable pricing 🙂 ]

I had the Korean Charbroiled — Definitely a must try at BBQ Chicken 🙂

Korean Charbroiled — Using only the most tender leg meat, it is marinated in a natural sauce made of 30 secret ingredients then roasted first with hardwood charcoal, then followed by earthenware.

Boyfriend had Jerk BBQ — was ok 🙁 as the meat wasn’t´t warm when served

Jerk BBQ — Chicken whole leg cooked over charcoal fire with no additional oil used then spread with authentic Korean style barbecue sauce made of more than 20 flavourful natural seasoning and red pepper grain giving it a little tinge of spiciness.

Both meals comes with soft drinks, coleslaw, fries & a bowl of Golden Strip Salad.

Golden Strip Salad — Crisp garden greens tossed in home-made tomato dressing, green peppers and topped with golden chicken strips. — Yummy 🙂

Parking on weekends– Very Bad, especially now which is the school holiday period 🙁

Siti Ismail