Din Tai Fung

Aya! Best dumpling place in Singapore? If it’s not for the food than it would be for the service. You can be in and out in 20 minutes and have tasted delicious dishes for around $40 with the two of you. After being there many times today it had to be it again. We started to feel hungry at 11.30am. That’s so nice about Singapore, at 11am or 4pm, you can eat at any time of the day. Being there early for lunch today we felt lucky because it can get really busy for lunch at every single Din Tai Fung outlet in Singapore.

A selection of our dishes today

Hot and Sour Soup
The Hot and Sour soup is always a good starter to warm up your stomach before starting with all food you're going to have.
The crab and pork dumpling with vinegar and ginger. Din Tai Fung has a description on their chopstick wrapping that explains how to eat them.
Some of the dishes we had today
Some of the dishes we had today

Sorry to have mixed up the spicy dumpling before taking the picture but I couldn’t wait. They’re sooo good! behind the dumpling a spinach and sesame seed dish. And on the left noodles with mushrooms. Somehow we always order too much. 🙂