Chops Peppers

Little Known Ways to Make Healthy Mediterranean Recipes

Chops Peppers

Chops Peppers


  • 4 pieces large peppers
  • 150 grams of sliced ham
  • Breadcrumbs
  • 4 tablespoons of flour
  • 2 pieces of eggs

The Chops and Peppers recipe can make 4 servings. You can prepare this in 50 minutes. This recipe is simple and easy to prepare and very inexpensive. You can also use leftover foods in the refrigerator and still get a flavorful meal. Chops and Peppers have low calorie content and less fat.


Clean the peppers thoroughly. Leave large slice then roast them. Cool the peppers then stuffed them with sliced ham and cheese. Properly close the peppers. Get a separate bowl and beat the eggs. Soak the stuffed peppers in the beaten eggs then roll each one in breadcrumbs. You can now fry the peppers and serve them hot.

Nutritional Value

Food Gr Kcal Fat Carb Pro Fib Water
Green peppers 500 100 0.85 23.2 4.3 8.5 469.45
Ham 150 267 13.53 0 33.93 0 96.81
Bread crumbs 100 395 5.3 71.98 13.35 4.5 6.51
Wheat flour or 40 144.4 0.66 29.01 4.79 0.96 5.34
Hen eggs – whole 40 57.2 3.98 0.31 5.03 0 30.34
Total 830 963.6 24.32 124.5 61.4 13.96 608.45
A head (4) 207.5 240.9 6.08 31.13 15.35 3.49 152.11
Per 100 grams 100 116.1 2.93 15 7.4 1.68 73.31

About the Cooker – Felicia Mcclinton writes for healthy mediterranean recipes, blog her personal hobby blog focused on cooking tips to eat like a real Mediterranean and eat healthy to prevent diseases.

Go East for Good Fusion Greens


Located in the heart of Marine Parade, NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST is one of the few fusion vegetarian cuisine restaurants located in the East. Though some dishes are unavailable (possibly for the time being), there is still quite a decent choice of dishes categorised under the sections of Rice, Noodles, Western and Side Dishes on the menu.

One highly commendable dish is the Herbal Mee Sua Soup. Served in a hot pot, the soup is flavourful and fragrant, thanks to the good quality herbs which they used to brew the soup. To top it off, the Mee Sua (vermicelli) is smooth and silky you barely need to chew before it vanishes in your mouth!

Next up is the Fo Tiao Qiang (Buddha jumps over the wall). Personally, I’m not a fan of this creative dish that is well-known among Chinese Emperors in the past. But, to have it vegetarian-styled pretty much appeals to me, so I decided to order it and see what goes inside.

Ha and yes, all the types of seafood that are supposed to go into a non-vegetarian Fo Tiao Qiang, go into this one too. You can find mock abalone, sea cucumber and scallops in it. The soup is starchy and yummy. For those who are concerned with the amount of MSG (or ajinomoto) used in it, you can be rest assured. They believe in taking your health a step better, so MSG is off-limits.

One ingredient which I often see in the soup dishes served at NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST is Wolfberry, a traditional Chinese herb known for its nutritious values and antioxidant qualities. So ladies, trot down the restaurant for some tasty treats good for your complexion!

To take my vegetarian experience at NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST a bit further, I went on to try two side dishes: Crispy Mushroom and Thai-style Crispy Beancurd.

Dressed with mayonnaise, the Crispy Mushroom is served piping hot, and cute. You can expect bits of oil (which I’m sure is healthy too) splattering onto your tongue at the first bite. Take a look inside and it’s a button mushroom peeking out coyly at you. The taste is both heavy (comes from the fried outer layer) and light (comes from the boiled button mushroom).

After all the thumbs-up, it’s a bit disappointing that the Thai-style Crispy Beancurd isn’t a wow. But it’s interesting to find garlic chilli sauce that you commonly use for Chicken Rice generously spread over the Beancurd. It’s fairly good but perhaps, not a must-have.

Behold, the sweets are on the line after the savoury! I tried Sweet Osmanthus Plum Tea and Eight Treasures Qing Tang. After a sip of the hot Osmanthus Plum Tea, I’m totally bowled over. It resembles any cup of black coffee, but this sweet and sour tea now proudly sits on my must-have drinks list whenever I need a quench!

The cooling Eight Treasures Qing Tang is great for those who are looking for a refreshing and sugary charge. It is not too heavy for dessert lovers who are worried about the extra inches on the waist. In fact, it is nutritious, with longans and other crunchy ingredients to munch.

The best news is, all in all, my meal costs only slightly over $25! The average price of each dish falls comfortably between S$4 and S$10, so feel free to get more dishes on your table.

NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST is located at Blk 89 Marine Parade Central, #01-750, Singapore 440089 (Near Parkway Parade).


5 Earthly Treasures Vegetarian Mutton Stew

Some of the best food discoveries I know are from home-cooked food, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation from a friend of mine, whose entire family members are vegans. Entering her flat, I was greeted with the fragrant aroma of an herbal stew put on slow boil. Intrigued, I enquired as to what we were having for dinner. My friend gave me an apologetic shrug and told me that her mother loved to experiment with new ways of cooking, which almost always turned out way better than expected.

It wasn’t€™t long before dinner was served and I finally had a chance to see what was in store for me. A delicate stew, chock-full of traditional Chinese ingredients still steaming hot, was the centre-piece for the dinner. With a sharp yet refreshing aroma riding on the steam, I couldn’t€™t wait to tuck in. As we started wolfing down the food and slurping on the soup, I got my friend’s mother to talk a bit about this wondrously original dish.

The recipe for the 5 Earthly Treasures Vegetarian Mutton Stew originated from the Teochew province in China and is said to strengthen the spleen, nourish the liver and kidneys and replenish the body’s vital energy. In the stew, there is Ginseng, which boosts the body’s immune system; Gingko Nuts: which increases brain-power and relieves asthma and flu-related symptoms; Dried Tangerine Peels, which strengthens the spleen and stomach while discouraging indigestion; Red Dates, which builds up red blood cells; and Chinese Wolfberries, which protects the liver and improves eyesight.

And it tastes great too! My mind was blown away.

When I told my friend and her mother about this blog, they gladly assented to have the recipe posted online and shared with all our readers.

5 Earthly Treasures Vegetarian Mutton Stew (serves 6)

Fresh Ginseng (available at vegetable stalls) 2 pieces
Mock mutton (can be substituted with Chinese mushrooms) As appropriate
Chinese wolfberries 50g
Red dates 12 pcs
Chinese yams 50g
Gingko nuts 20 pcs
Dried tangerine peel 1 whole piece


Small rock sugar 2 pieces
MSG A pinch
Salt A pinch

Cooking Method
Slice the Ginseng, mutton, yams and tangerine peel into bite-sized pieces. Then add all the ingredients, except the mock mutton, into a pot of boiling water and slow-cook for 1 hour over low heat. Add the mock mutton and cook for another 20 minutes.

Add the seasoning before serving.

5 Earthly Treasures
5 Earthly Treasures

It’s amazing what you can do with common fresh ingredients and the right seasoning. This is one healthy dish that will stay on my personal menu for a long time to come!