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I used to dine at Asian Kitchen rather frequently until last year (27/11/2009) my husband decided to sign up a membership with their outlet located at Raffles City.  After signing up the card, somehow we stop going to the restaurant until recently I remembered that I will be able to enjoy birthday privileges if I eat at Asian Kitchen during my birthday month.  When we patronized the Raffles City outlet again, we were terribly disappointed at the service and attitude level of their staff there.

We showed them our receipt we had kept last year which printed clearly that we are entitled to some e-vouchers with validity till 26/11/2010.  Instead of giving us the prompt service, the waiter simply told us the e-vouchers are not valid.  We should produce some physical vouchers that WERE NOT even presented to us when we signed up the membership last year.  We tried to explain to the service staff that we do not have that in the first place, the guy simply shut us off and said that if that’s the case, he CANNOT grant us the discount / vouchers.  He did not even try to check with someone of higher authority or put in some effort to show us that he sincerely wish to help.  This is really a lack of service attitude.  If Asian Kitchen value their customer, no matter what, I’m sure  they will not doubt our words but to do all they can to cool us down.

If they think that we SHOULD have the physical vouchers which their staff claimed, why in the first place the receipt which we received at the point of signing up the membership indicates the availability of the e-vouchers?  And if we really have a copy of the physical vouchers, why should I be so free to keep that e-voucher receipt for ONE year?  If there is a change in their redemption system, don’t you think that as a service provider, they should inform the customers about the changes via post / emails???  If they think that they valued their customers, don’t you that they should honour what was promised?  We felt so CHEATED!

I hope to hear from them so I wrote an email to the Asian Kitchen for feedback.  Instead of giving me a satisfactory reply, they simply ignore my email.  This is really unacceptable.

3 thoughts on “Asian Kitchen @ Raffles City”

  1. Wow serious? You should call them and complain. It’s really horrid. You still have the emails right? Seriously I find them so ridiculous.

  2. Nope, it’s almost a year now but the management of Asian Kitchen simply treated my mail as spam. No sound, no pic from them.

  3. Was just wondering if you ever got a reply from them? Did you manage to use your coupons? This really sounds terrible. If it was me, I would definitely kick a big fuss.

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