Xin WAng Hong Kong Cafe (Airport T3)

We visited their outlet at Changi Airport Terminal 3 . We ordered a total of 11 items, one of them was the curry chicken, item no. 901. Everything was well but when my husband ate a portion of the curry chicken, he found a “strange” piece of  chicken with 3 strand of feather like thing in the bowl. After close examination, he confirmed that the 3 strands were definitely chicken feathers as they were firmly intact on the skin of that piece of chicken.

My husband immediately called for the manager of the outlet. Mr Edward, the manager on shift came over, my husband showed him that piece of chicken, Mr Edward also confirm that it was a piece of chicken with feathers intact. He merely said a word of Sorry and tried to close the matter by just saying that it was an overlook by the cook and wanted to clear that piece of chicken away. We were very upset on the way this matter was handled.

This will be the 1st and last time we’ll be patronising this outlet…. poor service by the manager and most importantly… unhygienic food processes….

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