Finding the presentation of French restaurants in Singapore a bit sober, I have to try every single one for sure. Cassis located in one of the black and white houses at Rochester Park automatically earns points if you are looking for romantic dining.

Outside at Cassis
Outside at Cassis

We made a reservation for 7pm which was clearly too early for a Saturday night and most other guest arrived between 8 and 9pm. More people more liveliness, and a remote place like Rochester Park comes to life when at least 50% of th seats are taken. Surprisingly enough it never really got that busy for on this Saturday night.

Being seated and presented with the wine menu it was nice to see that most wines could be ordered by the glass as well. A good thing if you can’t agree on the wine because you’re both having different main courses. The garlic butter served right away really taste like it should. A bit salty, I guess because of the choice of butter and just the right amount of garlic and parsley-like herbs.

The food menu is average in size which makes it easy to decide and the choices are diverse. We had Tuna and the Fois Grass Terrine to start with. The Tuna was perfectly in size and very nice presented. The Fois Grass Terrine on the other hand was a thin slice of Fois Grass and I like them thick. The taste was very good though especially served with the Fig confiture.

We had two delicious main courses beyond reproach. Tenderloin well done exactly as asked and served originally with a nice wine/port sauce and fennel Purée. I had the duck which was also well done and had a nice crust with maximum flavour. Some nice veggies, nicely cooked, to go along with.

Great food at a great and romantic location. The service was good but a little bit to eager to do well. We got served really fast which doesn’t really fit with the relaxed and romantic setting. All together we spent about twice as much as planned. Something makes their prices pretty high compared to other French restaurants like L’ Angelus and Les Bouchons.


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