NASRIN (Arab Street)

Wednesday 3rd June,

Went down to Arab Street with friends for shisha and food..

ShiSha was perfect there, very smooth.. of course it was done by the waiter which is a friend of mine (Mohammad), he´s a very good shisha maker.. haha..

FOOD — Chicken Shawarma very bad!!! It was cold and the taste was yucks… 🙁

Me and girlfriend, yati, didn´t finish it at all..we only ate the fries…

As we were still hungy we ordered something else, Chicken Chargrilled —  this is VERY yummylicious– 🙂

Chicken was grilled , hot & tasty, The fries are powdered with chilli powder and pepper with chilli and mayonaisse as condiments at the side. Only thing, was we think it´s a bit expensive as only 3pcs of chicken wings. and cost $11… 🙁


Chocolate Shake — was ok… taste bit of milo.. ??

Laziza Peach — sparkling water peach flavour — esprit is better

Siti Ismail

4 thoughts on “NASRIN (Arab Street)”

  1. This place has been my hangout place since like I don’t know when. Loved it b’cos for its sheesha and also the cosy seating at Level 2. I love the Double apple mint flavoured sheesha among the rest. Food wise, I usually will eat elsewhere before coming down to Nasrin b’cos their food is way too costly. But if you’re coming in a group, can consider eating in. Food is not bad here. Heard that they changed their chef, compared to before.

  2. yes, it´s in the Halal category, it is owned by Iranian, name , Moshee, he´s Islam,
    Service is ok, food quality good depending on what menu item you choose. Price Range, affordable but the grilled chicken drumlets i find it expensive (please refer to the comment above , as I think most of the questions asked is posted.)

    You can also enjoy the ambience on the 2nd floor which is carperted with family as it is more spacious and safer so that the kids will not run around the road side.

  3. hi there,
    I’ve been hearing a lot bout Nasrin restaurant. it served middle-east dishes? hows de service, food quality, price range and surroundings? is de place big? crowded? halal? convenient for family with kids?
    is it owned by an iranian?
    I will like 2 drop by 1 day so need more infos before heading down.

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