Greetings everyone,

Recently, I went to City Square (Buffet Ala-Carte)

The best thing abt going on weekdays, its less crowded and cheaper..
I went there to celebrate my fiance dad’s BIG 60!
So the whole family is there, totally of 6 pax.

The best thing abt Buffet Ala-carte, we dun need to leave our seat!!
all we need to do is to select the food that we one from  the screen, and they will serve to you within  3 mins (which also depending on the crowd)

And its SMOKE FREE!! 

So imagine, 6 adults having free flow food.. U can also imagine how many rounds the waiters have to make just to send us food and drinks.. hehehehe 🙂

The Desserts are VERY limited! NO ICE-KACANG! 🙁
they only have ice-creams and  brownies (Yummy).

Now Soeul Garden having promotion 3 adults + 1 adults FREE!

Here are some pictures taken there:
(Only for viewing purpose)

 Select ur food and will be serve within 3 min 🙂

Let The Boys Do The Cooking.

cake was from The Royal's, Just Nice for all of us. (everyone is full, no space for cake actually)

Bruupppp!! :)

Dine In:
City Square Mall (Buffet  Ala-Carte) 
180 Kitchener Road, #03-23/24
Singapore 208539
Tel: 62976339  Fax: 62975338
Capacity – 100


Love FOOD.

Author: Ctfadbiol Roy

Simply Enjoy GOOD food! Perangai Budak Gemok! :)

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