YUMEN (Downtown East)

Monday 1st June

It was the first time we went to Yumen at downtown east for dinner. It was definitely a very nice experience and super customer service. We order Crispy Chicken Carrot Noodle, Seafood Ban Mian, Bi-Colour Dumpling, Bacon Rolls, Aloe Vera & Roselle drink.

GOOD Customer Service — The uncle was very kind and friendly. While we were eating, the uncle heard my boyfriend coughing, he then went in the kitchen and made a cup of hot water with lemon and salt in it.  He says that it is good for his cough and will soothes the throat for a while.. so sweet of him right… 🙂


Crispy Chicken Carrot Noodle — it is made of carrot juice with flour. noodle itself was ok, but the crispy chicken on it was good very crispy & was served hot 🙂

Seafood Ban Mian — this is very yummy 🙂 , especially when you want something soupy, better than Century Square food culture Ban Mian. The noodle was thick & soup taste good with fresh prawns, squid & egg in it.

Bi-Colour Dumpling — This is also very yummy, i think it was made of fish, very crispy too. 🙂

Bacon Rolls : Not to my taste.. 🙁

Aloe Vera Drink : Big Bites of Aloe Vera..

Roselle Drink : Very Nice 🙂

Siti Ismail

3 thoughts on “YUMEN (Downtown East)”

  1. I am a regular customer for the past months. Every week at least one time. I enjoy the service and the friendly of the aunties and the uncle. They are very informative with the products and always very concern about the feedback from the customer. But lately I realize that some changes, services was not as good as the past months. The attitude from the new staff was not friendly at all. He do not understand my question? Frankly speaking, I do not think he is the staff there, he always wear different cloth, not uniform. WHY? Is he the boss there? I think he is not fit to be someone in the frontline. Also the food was not so good especially the laksa very oily. The soup sometimes very salty. Please do something. If not the customers will run…….????
    Hope to see improvement, if not I will not come back again.

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