Seafood at Senibong JB

On 07.10.11 Fiance second brother decide to bring us to Senibong Johor Bahru to have LATE Night HEAVY Supper.

Total 7 pax. 1 Car and 1 bike.

Me and fiance have to take bike since, the car is already full.

Otw to the location, we ALMOST got lost hehehee..

Since we go thru “Butter n Jam” at Woodlands check point and everyone is SO Hungry! so we order BIG!

We had:
(Photos for viewing only)

Ikan Pari HOT!
Fresh Cili Crab! POWER!!
Sweet and Sour Fish
Gong Gong
Kankong Belacan
Butter Prawn
Sotong Goreng

Beside seafood, fiance and his brother had nasi lemak berlauk (with dish) they had Nasi Lemak merah and Nasi Lemak redang..

We also had 1 Jug of Rose syrup w/Lime and Sugar cane.

We spent only RM250 NETT for the whole spread!!!!
Can u imagine less den SGD 150 we can have the whole spread!!

its not only Cheap, its Soooo Shiooookkk!!!!

bruppp!! worth single cents!


Name of Restraunt: Nasi Lemak Berlauk
Location: Senibong Johor Bahru (Near to Permas Jaya)
ps: its a bit eerie to go in a night. but the food worth it!

Love Food.

Author: Ctfadbiol Roy

Simply Enjoy GOOD food! Perangai Budak Gemok! :)

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